Thumb rules play a most critical function while taking short choices on websites online. Thumb rules allow you to calculate the solution using a simple mathematical method and make smart decisions every time needed.

Remember, thumb guidelines never give accurate consequences, but you could use them for approximate outcomes. There are many thumb rules which we apply in creation. Here I am discussing the most regularly used Thumb policies on the website.

The Thumb rule is an approximate & comparing approach. In thumb guidelines, The devices aren't equal when we evaluate to get the effects. So by no means don't forget units whilst acting thumb rule.

Thumb rule to calculate the Concrete Volume with respect to the area:
The Concrete Volume of zero.038m3 of concrete is used for every Square Foot of Plan location


From underneath fig: Plan Area = forty x 20 = 800SFT

The plan area is 800SFT then the overall extent of concrete required = 800 x zero.038m3 = 30.4m3

Thumb rule to calculate the Steel quantity required for Slab, Beams, Footings & Columns:
For Residential homes 4.5Kgs-4.75Kgs /SFT

For Commercial homes 5.0Kgs-5.50Kgs/SFT

Thumb rule to calculate the Shuttering area:
Shuttering charges 15-18% of the whole creation of the building. Shuttering is framed to deliver the concrete in Shape.

The Thumb rule to calculate the shuttering required is 6 instances the quantity of concrete or 2.4 times of Plinth location.

Suppose, the concrete amount is 0.5m3 then the shuttering location required is  0.5 x 6 = 3m2

Components of Shuttering:-

Shuttering Ply, Battens, Nails are components of Shuttering.

Shuttering Ply Quantity calculation:
The shuttering Ply has a length, width & depth of 2.44r x 1.22 x 0.012

The No. Of Shuttering Ply sheets = 0.22 instances of Shuttering

Suppose, the region of shuttering required = 3m

Then the Shuttering Ply required = 0.22 x 3 = 0.66m2

Battens Quantity Calculation:
Shuttering batten usually has a length & width of 75mm x 40mm.

Batten Quantity = 19.82 x No. Of Ply Sheets

if the construction requires 25 Ply sheets, the overall quantity of Battens are 19.82 x 25 = 495 Battens

Nails & Binding Wire Quantity in Shuttering:
75gms of Nails are used for 1m2 of Shuttering

75gms of Binding twine is consumed for each 1m2 of Shuttering.

Thumb rule for Shuttering oil Quantity:
Shuttering oil is used to de-frame or de-collect from the concrete without problems.
Total required Shuttering oil is = 0.0.5 x Total Area of Shuttering


For each 15m2 of shuttering 1 liter of shuttering oil is consumed.

Example :

15m2 is overall area of shuttering,  then Shuttering oil required = 0.065 x 15 = 0.975 liters.


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